Finally its here.  MY POLISH ROOTS & BEYOND was released on June 22nd.  Thanks to collective efforts of Ted Lange, Johnny & Greg Winiarz, Robbie & Al Piatkowski, Danny Mateja, Joe Poper, Glenn Dydak, Les Kapuscinski, Gary Rhamy, Michelle Eron, Paul Murton, Kevin Altenburg, Ron & Nina Moscoe, Eugene Swick, John Nalevanko, Dottie Margavitz, Helen Obbagy, Adam & Angela Biskup, Ed Kesik, Brian Earl and our families for putting your energies toward this exciting project.  Super job.  Get your copy today.

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Our latest "BUTTERFLY" CD and Song have been chosen as number one Polish style CD and Song of 2013 by the PAC (Polka America Corporation) voters as well as CD of the Year from Thank you to all voters. This project is a winner because of number of dedicated people that were involved in it. Musicians, engineers, producers, supporters: Ted Lange, Johnny Winiarz, Greg Winiarz, Robbie Piatkowski, Al Piatkowski, Matt Rosinski, Gary Rhamy, Michelle Eron, Ilona DiCaro, Eugene Swick,