These are all the latest awards that were bestowed upon our band  
from the IPA & USPA
for our latest recording

"My Polish Roots & Beyond"  Thank you to all the
IPA electors
and USPA voters.
Dziekujemy Bardzo


Travel with John & Wanda
Sept. 25 to Oct. 6, 2022

Christmas Markets
Dec. 5 to 16, 2022

Dear Friends.  We are glad to see that things are getting back to normal and many venues are back and running.  People are travelling and enjoying life.  We have to live with whatever they throw at us next.  Life goes on folks.   
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Join us on the EUROPEAN TOURS this year
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In November 2021 I recorded a lead vocal track to the harmony of Monika Pawlikowski-Staszel for

John Jaworski's Polish Folk Carols/Pastoralki CD 




May 10, 2021 International Polka Association (IPA)

has just announced that John was named

Favorite Polish Style Male Vocalist for 2020

Also John Gora & Gorale were chosen as 

Favorite Polish Style Band for 2020

Congratulations to all other award recipients

Please check out the IPA site


John was voted as the favorite male vocalist of 2019

and the band was recognized for

Favorite Polish Style Song of the Year 2019 - Walentyna

Favorite Polish Style Album of the Year 2019

Favorite Polish Style Group of the Year 2019


United States Polka Association (USPA) has announced on May 23rd, that John was chosen as the

Male Vocalist of the Year 2019 and the band was recognized for 

Favorite Song of the Year 2019 - Walentyna

Favorite CD of the Year 2019 - My Polish Roots & Beyond

Thank you to all the voters!

Dnia JednegoJohn Gora & Monika Pawlikowski
00:00 / 02:44

Our Latest
Multi - Award Winning Recording is available in CD and USB Flash Drive format 

MyPolishRoots&Beyond FrontCOVER.jpg
MyPolishRoots&Beyond BACKCOVER.jpg


Well?  January and February are kind of slow due to many unnecessary government restriction but I hope that this bubble will burst soon. 

In the meantime: 

Plan your Poland Tours in 2022 

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Great DEAL $99. for ALL 10 of our physical CD's with free shipping

or $63. for all 10 recordings on one 

USB Flash drive.  Free shipping.

Our friend & photographer Les Kapuscinski did a beautiful tribute to our Moms with his pictures of flowers to our Waltz "Mother Dear Mother".

Follow the lyrics and enjoy the music on YouTube here

Also, here is award winning WALENTYNA


Please check out youtube for many videos of our band from various events.  Just search for John Gora & Gorale

We also added LYRICS to ALL OUR SONGS from ALL our CD's.  Please check it out on our CD page.