John Gora Band, John Gora & Gorale, Korona, The Music Factory, call us by any name. 

We are your Grammy Nominated, multi award winning VARIETY PARTY BAND playing multiple musical genres that include Classic Rock, Country, Big Band, Swing, Oktoberfest, Disco Polo, Polka, Waltz, Cha-cha and more in several languages. 


All of our music is played LIVE! However for the latest radio hits, we provide top DJ SERVICE that is complimentary when you book the band or separately as DJMUSIC.CA

The John Gora Band is "dynamic, [whose] crowd-pleasing stage performances have become a trademark of this group" - Steve Litwin, PAJ Writer


In 1998 the band released a 45 RPM Record with 2 songs. Two years later the first CD was released to make a total of 10 CD's so far.  Next release will be a Christmas CD.


TAKE A SPIN - 1993 

DUTY FREE POLKAS - 1997 (Grammy Nominated)

FOLLOW ME - 1999 (Grammy Nominated)


PANGORA'S BOX - 2004 (Grammy Nominated)

BULLETPROOF POLKAS - 2007 (Grammy Nominated)



MY POLISH ROOTS & BEYOND - 2019 (IPA & USPA Award winning CD)


In August of 2008 John and the band were recognized by the International Polka Association (IPA) and won awards for:

IPA Album of the Year - Bulletproof Polkas
IPA Song of the Year - Kiss of Fire

Bulletproof Polkas was also nominated for the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in Nashville, TN.  In 2020 four of our songs from various albums are on the list of Just Plain Folks for Spotify.

In 2011, John was inducted into the IPA Polka Music Hall of Fame

John also received the USPA Lifetime Achievement Award from the United States Polka Association (USPA) in 2012 for his contributions to the world of polka music. 

In April of 2020, IPA (International Polka Association) announced that John and the band are the recipients the IPA's Music Awards for the year 2019 winning for: 

Favorite Polish Style Group of the Year - John Gora & Gorale

Favorite Polish Style Male Vocalist of the Year - John Gora

Favorite Polish Style Album of the Year - My Polish Roots & Beyond

Favorite Polish Style Song of the Year - Walentyna


On May 23rd, 2020 John and the band were also recognized by the USPA (United States Polka Association as winners for the 2019 Music Awards in the following categories:


USPA Male Vocalist of the year - John Gora

USPA Recording of the year - My Polish Roots & Beyond

USPA Song of the year - Walentyna

Thank you to all the voters and electors for this great honor.

Here is award winning song WALENTYNA as put together by Les Kapuscinski with his great photos

In May of 2021, IPA (International Polka Association) announced that John Gora & Gorale were recognized for:

Favorite Polish Style Group of the Year 2020  - John Gora & Gorale 

Favorite Polish Style Male Vocalist of the Year 2020 - John Gora

Thanks and remember that "LIVE" music is best.

John Gora is an active member of:

  • AFM (America Federation of Musicians) Local #293 Hamilton, Ontario 

  • USPA (United States Polka Association) 

  • IPA (International Polka Association)

  • NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences)

  • CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts 

        and Sciences)